Bachelorette Party Ideas London

Forbidden Nights burst on to the entertainment scene in 2014 with a huge buzz surrounding them, bringing a new age of entertainment.

Are you trying to organise the best event for your friend’s final few days as a single woman? Well, Forbidden Nights should be at the top of your list of bachelorette party ideas. London visitors can let their hair down and leave their inhibitions at the door. Our performers deliver a male strip show like no other! To book your tickets, call 0845 643 2176.

The Best London Bachelorette Party Ideas

When you decide to throw a final hurrah for your friend before she moves into married life, you want to celebrate in a memorable way. You have probably been gathering plenty of bachelorette party ideas in London, but nothing will be able to match the excitement that Forbidden Nights brings.

We have discarded the old stereotype that is associated with stripping and helped change the industry. Our fantastic show involves a cast of performers that are not only easy on the eye, but have an abundance of talent. If you are trying to come up with the best bachelorette party ideas, London visitors should look no further.

Here at Forbidden Nights, we have a London show that has been delighting crowds for years. You won’t be able to take your eyes off the stage for a single minute. The performance will ignite all your senses as we have created a theatre-like production with plenty of entertainment and plenty of skin on show! As far as London bachelorette party ideas go, this one tops the lot!

Our performers have perfected the art of striptease, so you will get to feast your eyes on our hunk’s toned torsos! If you are gathering bachelorette party ideas in London, you should know that our performers offer so much more. From fire acts and acrobatics to choreographed routines and soulful tunes, they can do it all!

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Get in Touch with Our Party Planners

If you have been struggling to conjure up the best bachelorette party ideas, London visitors should turn to our party planners. Here at Forbidden Nights, you will not only get fantastic seats for the show, but you will also be taken care of by our staff. Our planners are in place to give you the best celebration. As well as bachelorette parties, we also welcome the following:


Girls Night Out

Dirty Thirty

Hag Dos

Divorce Parties

And More!

Our dedicated staff vow to give you a night to remember! Forbidden Nights should be at the top of your list of London bachelorette party ideas as we cater to any-sized group. Whether there is 5 or 50 of you, we can accommodate. We will give you a VIP experience that fits into your budget.

Expect to gain unforgettable memories at Forbidden Nights and remember – once is never enough!

Why Forbidden Nights Tops the List of Bachelorette Party Ideas, London Visitors

Plenty of people associate male strippers with bachelorette parties, but here at Forbidden Nights, we have done away with the old stereotype. When you book tickets to our phenomenal show, you will be witnessing a theatre production, much like a circus act but sexier! Our aim is to entertain you from start to finish, so if you need bachelorette party ideas in London, look no further.

To make sure that your celebration goes off without a hitch, we have a friendly team that will answer any questions you have. As mentioned, our party planners are able to arrange an exciting evening for you and your friends. We do advise that you arrive at our Clapham venue as early as possible when doors open at 7pm, and then the fun can begin! You can end your brainstorm of bachelorette party ideas, London visitors.

As well as having the chance to see our hunky performers in action on stage, you will also get to meet them up close! Here at Forbidden Nights, we host a meet-and-greet for the guests so that they can speak to and pose for photos with our talented cast. Our show certainly stands out among bachelorette party ideas, London guests.

Bachelorette Party Ideas London

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If you need help with bachelorette party ideas, London visitors should turn to Forbidden Nights. Our show will leave you stunned and begging for more! To secure your tickets, give us a call on 0845 643 2176. Alternatively, send an email to or contact us by filling in our online form.

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