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Forbidden Nights burst on to the entertainment scene in 2014 with a huge buzz surrounding them, bringing a new age of entertainment.

Are you or one of your friends/family members tying the knot soon? Do you want to celebrate your last few days of freedom by watching some sexy and scintillating entertainment? Well, Forbidden Nights is a spectacle that should top the list of your hen do ideas. London is where we are based, so why not come along for a night you won’t forget? Book now by calling 020 8015 0085.

Forget About Any Other London Hen Do Ideas

It can be stressful and challenging trying to organise the perfect celebration for your friend who will be walking up the aisle in the near future. Well, Forbidden Nights in Clapham will convince you to throw away any other hen do ideas in London. Forget the tackiness associated with these types of celebrations; we have a cast of talented and skilful performers, whose specialities range from acrobatics to singing.

When deliberating over hen do ideas, London is an obvious destination. The dynamic city is home to many entertainment venues, as well as bars and clubs. Well, here at Forbidden Nights, you get the best of both worlds. Our party planners provide a top-class service, so if you’re organising your own do, or friends and family are taking care of it, get ready for a thrilling night.

You have been preparing for married life for months, but what is the best kind of send-off? How about watching the hottest and most talented male strippers perform a theatre-style production for you? There is no doubt that seeing a show at Forbidden Nights is one of the best hen do ideas in London.

We can guarantee that you will not be witnessing a bog-standard strip show. Our exciting production features acrobatic performers, aerial artists, dancers, fire acts and circus performers. The talented team at Forbidden Nights will take you into a fantasy land, bursting with pulse-racing strip teases and ripped torsos.

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Aerial Chains


Fire & Pole

Break Dancing & Parkour

Electric Guitar

Dance Routines... and more!

Expect to gain unforgettable memories at Forbidden Nights and remember – once is never enough!

Our Sexy Shows Are Ideal For Many Celebrations

There are so many activities and things to do in London. Hen do ideas often take organisers to the vibrant city. Forbidden Nights are more than happy to accommodate brides to be, but we also put on a stellar show for many occasions, including:

  • Birthdays
  • Girls Night Out
  • Dirty Thirty
  • Divorce Party
  • Just Because

When deliberating over hen do ideas, London may stand out as the perfect destination. However, if you live further afield and are desperate to see our boys in action, then keep in mind that we go on tour all across the country.

Hen Do Ideas

Why Should Forbidden Nights Top Hen Do Ideas in London?

Male strip-shows are not exactly new, but at Forbidden Nights, we have taken it a step further. If you are trying to organise a London hen do, ideas are surely flowing, but nothing will beat what we have to offer. Our performers not only have a sexy look, but they also have the talent to back it up.

There are a variety of different routes you can go down when coming up with hen do ideas. London has plenty, but since 2014, Forbidden Nights has been part of a revolutionary change in male strip shows. Our talented performers are not just good to look at; they can entertain at the highest level.

If you arrange to see one of our shows, we will prove to you that it is the best out of a bunch of hen do ideas London can offer. It should also be mentioned that we stand out from the rest due to the fact that we only have one exclusive cast in our residency show.

Our performers are sure to get your pulses racing with their sexy routines and banging bods, but don’t just take our word for it. Make your friend’s night by proving to her that you can come up with the best hen do ideas. London is undoubtedly the place to be for this ground-breaking show.



So, what are you waiting for? We must have proven to you by now that Forbidden Nights should be at the top of the list when deliberating over hen do ideas. London is the home of our exciting show, and you can be part of the passion by getting in touch now. To book, call 020 8015 0085.

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