Male dance entertainers

Forbidden Nights burst on to the entertainment scene in 2014 with a huge buzz surrounding them, bringing a new age of entertainment.

Fancy a night out with the girls that is unlike any experience you’ve had before?

Would you like to sip delicious cocktails while ogling Adonis’ bodies that look like they have been chiselled out of hard marble? Then you need to visit Forbidden Nights – the sexiest and naughtiest male dance entertainers’ variety act on the scene.

Sexy male dance entertainers

At Forbidden Nights, our male dance entertainers will thrust their way into your hearts with their incredible dance routines and circus skills; including fire play and aerial artistry. Their charisma, talent, dancing abilities, and fun-loving personalities will keep you and your friends on the edge of your seat all night long. Imagine how incredible Cirque du Soleil meets Magic Mike would be, and then actually witness this incredible combination at Forbidden Nights!

Private hire

For a more intimate evening, why not hire our gorgeous male dance entertainers for a private show? Whether you are organising a birthday party, hen party or a fabulous girls’ night out – what could be better than getting than up and close and personal with some jaw-dropping hunks?

Depending on how much sauciness you think you can handle before fainting, we offer a sizzling silver package and a luxury gold package. Both of our *ahem* packages feature crowd participation, because we know that you won’t be able to stand only looking at our male dance entertainers for long!

These summer days have us all hot, so why not request that our male dance entertainers perform their mouth-watering raining stage shower show? We can’t promise that you will cool down, but you might catch some splashes of water as the droplets roll down our lads rippled six-packs.

Get in touch – we’re happy to help

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    Aerial Chains


    Fire & Pole

    Break Dancing & Parkour

    Electric Guitar

    Dance Routines... and more!

    Expect to gain unforgettable memories at Forbidden Nights and remember – once is never enough!

    Forbidden nights on tour

    Our boys have been let loose! We need your help to find them! They may have escaped to a town near you, and we need to you check your local performance arenas to see if you can track them down. We have reason to believe that our male dance entertainers may be found in the following counties on the dates below:

    • Surrey – 8th September
    • East Sussex – 9th September
    • Wiltshire – 15th September
    • Pembrokeshire – 16th September
    • Kettering – 23rd September
    • Suffolk – 30th September
    • Portsmouth – 5th October
    • Leicestershire – 6th October
    • Helens – 7th October
    • Hastings – 14th October
    • Hertfordshire – 20th October

    Please help us find them as we would like them home safe and sound.

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    More info about our male dance entertainers at Forbidden Nights

    Forbidden Nights is the UK’s number one variety act that exclusively features gorgeous men! We have broken the mould away from conventional and boring male strip shows, and we have created something that is truly unique and you won’t see anywhere else in the world!

    Famous across Europe and over the pond in America, you are bound to recognise our boy’s divine faces from somewhere – possibly your dreams! We have had the fortune of working with the one-and-only Channing Tatum, whose toned body and snake-like hips in Magic Mike has been a leading inspiration with every male dance entertainer working at Forbidden Nights.

    Our male dance entertainers

    Want a sneak peak of the men who will be stealing your hearts and make you consider leaving your partner? Check out our Forbidden Nights male dance entertainers’ page; but we warn you, next time you check the clock – several hours might have passed.

    Book your unforgettable night with Forbidden Nights

    For nights hotter than Ryan Gosling in a Jacuzzi, torsos smoother than Alec Balwin’s voice, and for more unadulterated fun than Matthew McConaughey playing bongos in the nude; book your evening with Forbidden Nights! Our male dance entertainers can’t wait to show you why they are so popular. Use our online booking service today to make sure you don’t miss out on seeing what our boys have to offer!

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