Alex Roque

Special Skill: Filling gaps

Nickname: 'Rocky'

Age: 28 (since 2016)

Nicknames: Rocky, Xande, Xandro, Alex, Ale

Favourite Food: Anything my Nonna cooks

Favourite Colour: Apulian sea electric blue

Where did you grow up: Around the world

How did you get into dancing: My Grandad inspired me.

What secret talents do you have: I can twerk better than Jai.

Style and Personal Inspirations: Harry Styles for style(s),
and my mother is my greatest personal inspiration

Favourite Musician: Rita Lee, Freddy Mercury

Favourite Film: The Lion King

Favourite Song: ‘Here comes the sun’

Random Fact: I can say ‘thank you’ in more than 15

Funny Story: When the cutest old couple booked front row for
our show in Romsey and had no clue of what they were in for. They stayed until the very end of the show though.

Previous Work:  Language Teacher.

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