The Cast


Special Skill: Aerial Chains

Nickname: 'Mr 50 Shades of Grey'

Age: 29

Where did you grow up: Great Dunmow, Essex

Nicknames: Mr 50 shades of grey, Jason Statham…

Favourite Food: Steak & Mash, Thai food, anything with peanut butter.

Favourite Colour: Blue

How did you get into performing: When I was 10 my dad worked at a youth centre that had dance classes in the hall, one day I tried it out and never looked back.

What secret talents do you have: I can flip on skates and a bike

Style and personal Inspirations: Dwayne Johnson, he’s an absolute unit and a top bloke.

Favourite Musician: Two Door Cinema Club, The wombats, Two feet, Ed sheeran, Defected, Queen

Favourite Film: Forrest gump, I love you jennaaaay

Favourite Song: Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody

Random Fact: The human body emits visible light just not visible to the naked eye.

Funny Story: I don’t think I’ve ever made it through a show contract without splitting my trousers mid show. Good job with Forbidden I just take them off instead…

Previous Work: Dance Captain at Global village in Dubai, a dancer on 3 different Princess cruise ships, Ensemble for Puttin on the Ritz UK tour, Ensemble for the Hooray for Hollywood China tour, Dancer in Rocket Man at The Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls, Dancer in Age before beauty BBC series, Britain’s Got Talent, Dancer on MTV The Grind, Accurist Watches ITV Advert, Big Shaq Music video, Jack and theBeanstalk panto at the Sheffield Lyceum Theatre. Dancer/Model Redken hair show, to list a few ????


Special Skill: Multi-Skilled Performer

Nickname: 'Addy'

Name: Andrei Catalin

Age: The perfect age for a man.

Grew up: Romania

Nicknames: Addy

Food: I love noodles.

Colour : Blue

Got into performing: In my first year at University, I auditioned for the most prestigious dance company in my city and I was selected to be part of it.

Secret talents:  I can pretend i’m drunk very well.

Style & Personal Inspirations: Justin Timberlake

Favourite Musician: Justin Timberlake & Chris Brown

Favourite Film: Dirty Dancing

Favourite Song: The one i perform in the show, Cry me a river

Random Fact: I believe in reincarnation and i know that i will come back again.

Funny Story:  I once texted JLO and asked her if she wanted me as a dancer in her next video.

Previous Work: Private school dance teacher.


Special Skill: Aerial Straps

Nickname: 'Charlesworth'

Age: 30

Where did you grow up: South East Landan

Nicknames: Charlesworth

Favourite Food: Once upon a time it was calzone, but I can no longer eat it

Favourite Colour: Being feeling terracotta a lot lately

How did you get into performing: Was a weird kid who could do flips, and liked to dress in feathers and furs. It was bound to happen

What secret talents do you have: It’s not a secret but I cook a lot.

Style and personal inspirations: fruity shirts, Cuban heels and a big hat. I’ve got these two friends who are like big brothers, and my style probably fits in between them.

Favourite Musicians: Anderson paak, Nick Hakim. Anyone funky or who does neo soul.

Favourite Film: That’s impossible

Favourite Song: I don’t know – Nick Hakim

Random Fact: You can lick your elbow if you try hard enough

Funny Story: Once fell out of a cab drunk, but managed to land a roll to save it. Struck the classic gymnast pose like I was back in my leotard days.

Previous Work: Labourer, life model, butcher, lifeguard, masseuse, cook on a pearling boat. Little bit of this little bit of that.


Special Skill: Singing

Nickname: 'Hot Chocolate'

Age: 35

Where did you grow up: Birmingham

Nicknames: Jai. Stage name is Hot Chocolate and I have no idea why!

Favourite Food: I love Chinese food!

Favourite Colour: Red

What secret talents do you have: I can take an after eight mint out of the packet just using my tongue.

Style and personal Inspirations: I have different styles for occasions. I enjoy expressing myself through clothes and trying out new styles.

Favourite Musician: Michael Jackson

Favourite Film: Cloverfield

Favourite Song: My current favorite song is Guggi Gang by Lil Pump, but my all-time fave is Wannabe by Spice Girls.

Random Fact: I brush my teeth 4 times a day.

Funny Story: While performing our famous chair routine, which involves being naked with a chair covering our modesty, my chair slipped. So embarrassing!

Previous Work: Male strip shows, podium dancing, etc.

Alex Roque

Special Skill: Filling gaps

Nickname: 'Rocky'

Age: 28 (since 2016)

Nicknames: Rocky, Xande, Xandro, Alex, Ale

Favourite Food: Anything my Nonna cooks

Favourite Colour: Apulian sea electric blue

Where did you grow up: Around the world

How did you get into dancing: My Grandad inspired me.

What secret talents do you have: I can twerk better than Jai.

Style and Personal Inspirations: Harry Styles for style(s),
and my mother is my greatest personal inspiration

Favourite Musician: Rita Lee, Freddy Mercury

Favourite Film: The Lion King

Favourite Song: ‘Here comes the sun’

Random Fact: I can say ‘thank you’ in more than 15

Funny Story: When the cutest old couple booked front row for
our show in Romsey and had no clue of what they were in for. They stayed until the very end of the show though.

Previous Work:  Language Teacher.


Special Skill: Dancing

Nickname: Iyo

Age: Old enough to be your daddy

Where did you grow up: Port-Harcourt

Nicknames: Iyo (please say E O)

Favourite Food: Most food involving rice

Favourite Colour: Monochrome (black or white)

How did you get into performing: I was born to dance

What secret talents do you have: I am surprisingly flexible

Style and personal inspirations: Easy and breezy style. No neckties. My family and friends inspire me

Favourite Musicians: I have favourite genres; Afrobeats, Pop music,Rnb/Hip-hop, Tech-house

Favourite Film: I have favourite books; The Stand (Stephen King),The Poisonwood Bible (Barbara Kingsolver) also Things Fall Apart (Chinua Achebe)

Favourite Song: Aim Higher – Dee Wp

Random Fact: I have written a book.

Funny Story: I wanted to be a practicing lawyer.

Previous Work: I worked as a Personal Trainer. I also worked in Corporate Communications and Marketing.


Special Skill: Acrobatics

Nickname: 'Stringer'

Name: Connor Stringer

Age: 30

Grew up: Southend on Sea, Essex!

Nicknames: Muscle hands / Tigger

Food: Tomohawk Steak / Pizza

Colour: Black / Khaki

Got into dancing: I never used to dance until Forbidden, but always been active since a child. I played for a Sunday league football team for 13 years, until I started training with Tottenham Hotspur from 12 years of age!

I was almost 17 before I got into acrobatics. I constantly wanted to push myself harder and knew this would be the perfect work and life for me, so I continued to pursue it as a career.

Having worked hard, I’ve been lucky to have performed all over the world in a variety of countries. Forbidden Nights was the first time ever I’ve got into a strict routine of consistent dancing. It’s challenged me as a person, as I never thought I had rhythm, or been coordinated through dance, but that’s all changed now. I feel super comfortable and I love touring with the family!

Secret talents: Cooking

Style/inspirations: I take parts of many people & put them together as inspiration for different areas / challenges in life

Musician: I take parts of many people & put them together as inspiration for different areas / challenges in life

Film: Harry Potter

Song: Vini vici – the tribe is my favourite song

Random Fact: Growing my skill set to the point of international recognition. I have toured the west coast of the USA, with the world renowned circus company, Cirque Du Soleil in ‘Volta’. For 3 years, I developed, strengthened and honed my hoop diving skills and now I am 1 of 50 in the world to perform this discipline and i am the only person in the UK. I have also presented and stunt doubled for one of the biggest children’s TV channels, Nickolodeon, ‘Get your skills on’. I have also stunt doubled for Disney’s popular show, ‘Lazy Town’.

Previous Work: Cirque Du Soleil – Hoop Diver, Acrobat. Nickelodeon (as Connor Boost), Lucozade, The Ministry of Sound, Fruit Shoot, Alan Carr Chatty Man,  Canon Cameras. JD Sports, Olympus, Microsoft, Mercedes Benz, Apple, Absolute Vodka, Aston Villa FC, London Excel, The 02, The Olympics, One Piece Clothing. Forbidden Nights, Primark model, Charles Hewitt model.

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