Special Skill: Multi-Skilled Performer

Nickname: 'Addy'

Name: Andrei Catalin

Age: The perfect age for a man.

Grew up: Romania

Nicknames: Addy

Food: I love noodles.

Colour : Blue

Got into performing: In my first year at University, I auditioned for the most prestigious dance company in my city and I was selected to be part of it.

Secret talents:  I can pretend i’m drunk very well.

Style & Personal Inspirations: Justin Timberlake

Favourite Musician: Justin Timberlake & Chris Brown

Favourite Film: Dirty Dancing

Favourite Song: The one i perform in the show, Cry me a river

Random Fact: I believe in reincarnation and i know that i will come back again.

Funny Story:  I once texted JLO and asked her if she wanted me as a dancer in her next video.

Previous Work: Private school dance teacher.

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