Special Skill: Aerial Straps

Nickname: 'Charlesworth'

Age: 30

Where did you grow up: South East Landan

Nicknames: Charlesworth

Favourite Food: Once upon a time it was calzone, but I can no longer eat it

Favourite Colour: Being feeling terracotta a lot lately

How did you get into performing: Was a weird kid who could do flips, and liked to dress in feathers and furs. It was bound to happen

What secret talents do you have: It’s not a secret but I cook a lot.

Style and personal inspirations: fruity shirts, Cuban heels and a big hat. I’ve got these two friends who are like big brothers, and my style probably fits in between them.

Favourite Musicians: Anderson paak, Nick Hakim. Anyone funky or who does neo soul.

Favourite Film: That’s impossible

Favourite Song: I don’t know – Nick Hakim

Random Fact: You can lick your elbow if you try hard enough

Funny Story: Once fell out of a cab drunk, but managed to land a roll to save it. Struck the classic gymnast pose like I was back in my leotard days.

Previous Work: Labourer, life model, butcher, lifeguard, masseuse, cook on a pearling boat. Little bit of this little bit of that.

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