Special Skill: Singing

Nickname: 'Hot Chocolate'

Age: 35

Where did you grow up: Birmingham

Nicknames: Jai. Stage name is Hot Chocolate and I have no idea why!

Favourite Food: I love Chinese food!

Favourite Colour: Red

What secret talents do you have: I can take an after eight mint out of the packet just using my tongue.

Style and personal Inspirations: I have different styles for occasions. I enjoy expressing myself through clothes and trying out new styles.

Favourite Musician: Michael Jackson

Favourite Film: Cloverfield

Favourite Song: My current favorite song is Guggi Gang by Lil Pump, but my all-time fave is Wannabe by Spice Girls.

Random Fact: I brush my teeth 4 times a day.

Funny Story: While performing our famous chair routine, which involves being naked with a chair covering our modesty, my chair slipped. So embarrassing!

Previous Work: Male strip shows, podium dancing, etc.

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