Girls Night Out Brighton 

Forbidden Nights burst on to the entertainment scene in 2014 with a huge buzz surrounding them, bringing a new age of entertainment.

The Ultimate Girls Night Out

Are you planning a Brighton girl’s night out? Are you looking for a venue that caters to the ladies (and guys), hosting quality showcases that deliver all the magic of a true male variety performance? Then look no further than Forbidden Nights – home to the best events in Brighton.

Come for the show, stay for the lounge bar party! With a whole host of packages available, we have an option to suit everyone. So, round up the girls and prepare for an evening of exhilaration and excitement as you delve into the world of Forbidden Nights.

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    The Best Girls Night Out Brighton Has to Offer

    Brace yourselves for something truly spectacular! You might have heard the buzz surrounding Forbidden Nights, and, well, it’s all true. Everything you’ve heard about the best girl’s night out Brighton has to offer at the UK’s number one sexy circus. Forbidden Nights, in collaboration with one of the South’s most iconic spaces and leading event venues, is proud to present the ultimate sexy circus.

    You’re invited to join us at The Arch, where you’ll discover the night of your life as our boys set the stage alight with their breathtaking antics. They’re here to do what they do best – put on one hell of a show. Our events offer the full package – no holdbacks. You choose how you wish to spend the evening – sit back in awe or let loose and get screaming.

    There’s plenty of talent on display set to tease, leaving you on the edge of your seat. You’ll surely be satisfied, whatever your guilty pleasure, and you’ll leave wanting more. Prepare for two hours of non-stop fun and excitement followed by an afterparty like no other. Once you’ve experienced Forbidden Nights once, you’ll realise that once is simply not enough.

    If you’re planning for a Girls Night Out Brighton , check our Brighton Show page to book or call 0845 643 2176.

    The Best Girls Night Out Brighton, You’ll Be Dazzled by The Following Acts, And More:   

    Aerial Chains


    Fire & Pole

    Break Dancing & Parkour

    Electric Guitar

    Dance Routines... and more!

    What Can You Expect from Our Shows

    If you’ve ever experienced Forbidden Nights, you’ll know what to expect. If not, you’re in for a treat. You’ll see plenty of skin and a lot of bare bums – our boys have mastered the art of strip tease, offering something far more sophisticated than the usual stereotype. But our sultry performers possess more than chiselled bodies.

    Come to any of our shows, and you’ll be delighted by an array of adrenaline-fueled acts, including:

    • Aerial Acts
    • Fire Acts
    • Pole Acts
    • Male Vocalist
    • Acrobatics
    • CYR Wheel
    • And More

    Watch as our performers dazzle with gravity-defying performances. Feel the sizzle of scorching fire displays that’ll set the temperature soaring. Marvel at the agility and flexibility of our pole performers and be in awe of our CYR wheel showcase.

    And with one of our boys on hand to serenade the audience, you’ll enjoy the perfect finish to what is by far the greatest spectacle in Brighton.

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    Our Brighton Venues  

    As stated above, all the magic takes place at The Arch in Brighton. The Arch is a venue steeped in history, with our performances taking place under Victorian arches – trust us, the acoustics are top-notch. The Arch has hosted events for decades and has become one of the South’s most renowned major dance and music institutions.

    And what better place to host our exclusive afterparties than Shooshh – Brighton’s premier VIP Super Club.

    Shooshh can be found facing the beach just a short walk from Brighton Palace Pier. The club spans two floors and offers three rooms of music to suit lovers of different genres. Throughout, Shooshh boasts contemporary interiors and glitzy VIP lounge areas. It’s the perfect spot to let your hair down and go wild after feasting on our two-hour extravaganza!

    Why Book Forbidden Nights, Brighton. Ultimate performances await when you call, and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

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