London Male Strip Show

Forbidden Nights burst on to the entertainment scene in 2014 with a huge buzz surrounding them, bringing a new age of entertainment.

Are you planning on attending a London male strip show? Perhaps you’re in the midst of planning a fun night out for you and your friends? If you’re ready for a new fantasy, head on down to Forbidden Nights and discover a new age of entertainment. Let loose your inhibitions and watch in awe as our talented entertainers put on a memorable show. To inquire about a booking, call us today on 0845 643 2176.

A Male Strip Show in London You Won’t Soon Forget

Whether you’re planning a hen do, a girls’ night out, or perhaps arranging a surprise for a gay friend, you’re likely considering your entertainment options. Here at Forbidden Nights, we’ve created an evening for all occasions with a unique stage performance that sets us apart from any other London male strip show you may have considered.

We’ve taken the idea of seedy shows that are as tasteless as they are low-budget and elevated things to a whole new level. We’ve created a theatre production that also happens to be a male strip show. London attendees will be blown away by our talented cast whose physiques are matched only by the talents they bring to bear.

From fire acts and aerial artists to acrobats and circus performers, you’ll witness something that is truly out of this world. Our London male strip show is more than just a striptease – it’s an evening’s worth of exciting entertainment; an experience you’ll never forget. From the moment the show begins to the moment the curtain falls, your pulse will be set racing.

So, while you could just settle for an ordinary male strip show in London, Forbidden Nights gives you an exciting alternative that you and your friends will love.

Be Dazzled by Our Incredible London Male Strip Show Extravaganza

Here at Forbidden Nights, we’ve gone the extra mile to put on the best night you’ll ever experience. We’ve teamed up with one of the finest clubs in the capital, so after experiencing our male strip show, London guests can enjoy an after-party every Saturday night.

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This is the place to be for all manner of events, including:

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Hen Parties

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Girls’ Night Out

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Dirty Thirty

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Divorce Party

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Just Because

Expect to gain unforgettable memories at Forbidden Nights and remember – once is never enough!

Whatever evening you’re looking to experience, we have a package that you’re sure to love. From our basic option to our VIP experience, our personalised booking service makes planning your evening nice and simple. We can even accommodate groups of all sizes. As a classier alternative to the usual strip shows, attendees can expect to be entertained by our soulful singer, comedy compere, and our beautifully choreographed dance routines.

So, if your search for a London male strip show has brought you to us, call Forbidden Nights today on 0845 643 2176. Whether you’re just looking to embark on a night on the town or planning something special, we’re confident that you won’t regret choosing to spend your evening with us.

London Male Strip Show uk

Discover a Male Strip Show London Can’t Help but Boast About

It’s Saturday night and you’re looking for something to do. While hitting the clubs is certainly an option, why not experience something new and exciting? Here at Forbidden Nights, we’ve taken the idea of entertainment and elevated it to a whole new level. Our London male strip show has done away with the stereotype infusing the art of striptease with stunning theatrics.

Our show has reached all new heights and its popularity only continues to soar. In fact, our male strip show in London can now be experienced by eager attendees up and down the country. That’s right; Forbidden Nights is officially touring the UK! So, whether you’re in the capital or not, there’s no excuse to miss out on what we have to offer.

The Forbidden Nights team will take care of organising any event that you have in mind, so you’re free to sit back and relax. When you choose to spend your evening at Forbidden Nights, we’ve no doubt that you and your friends will have the best time of your lives.


To inquire about our London male strip show or to book tickets, call Forbidden Nights today on 0845 643 2176.

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